Have you had any experience with having strange abilities, or enhanced abilities?

As a child of a god, you would inherit some of their powers, so if you are one of the fastest runners in your school. Or the strongest, etc... you may be a demigod.

Do you have any disorders?

Apart from ADHD, insomnia, aquaphobia, anger problems, ADD, hyperactivity, sadism, and ODD, do you have any disorders? For example: narcissistic personality disorder, or low self steem may be presented by children of Venus. So many disorders are just side effects to powers and personalities.

Do you have a hyperactive fight or flight responce / panic disorder?

Fight or flight responce is the responce to danger that ables your body to some symptoms that make it easier to fight, for example not being able to feel pain until after the danger. Tunnel vision, you become faster, and stronger. Etc... and panic disorder can be caused by this.

Do you know both of your true parents?

If you do, you are probably not a demigod. Since their god parent must leave, and the child usually never even gets to meet the parent.

Do you have any irrational phobias?

Children of Mercury likes running and travel, so they sometimes have claustrophobia (Fear of restriction). Children of Venus may have cacophobia, the fear of being ugly. 'At'tencion deficit hyperactivity disorder (AKA ADHD)

Have a short attencion span, and are easily distracted.

Impulsive and restless, hyperactive or hypersensitive, this can cause insomnia.

Most demigods are labeled as suffering from ADHD, but it is actually just because they see too much, not too little. They have a high aptitude for fighting and their body is prepared to not get tired in a fight, and as a side effect have a hyper personality. Also can be  side effect of powers (For example: Mercury's children enhanced speed).

Insomnia &/or ability to stay up very late (even for days) at will

This is because of ADHD, they are able to keep their body active and not get tired fast.

Have or have had aquaphobia or wasn't/isn't very fond of water.

If you have aquaphobia, you probably are scared of baths, showers, the sea, pools, etc. Or maybe you just have/had a dislike for water.This is normal in Roman demigods, as Romans were scared of the sea. You may have had it once, and the fear vanished. Or maybe not at all, most children of Neptune would noth ave this obviously.

Natural fighting ability (With &/or without weapons)

The Romans were great fighters and had multiple legions, so most children of the gods have this. (Especially the children of war gods, like Mars & Bellona).

Have or had anger problems, or can be VERY aggressive when provoked.

The Romans were very strong in their military, and were taught to be merciless. So when provoked, a Roman demigod can be extremelly aggressive. Therefore some can even have anger problems.

Have ODD (Oppositional defiant disorder)

The Romans were obviously pretty defiant... so many Roman demigods have this "disorder".


The Romans had games for entertainment, which they used gladiators fighting and killing each other. The Romans were sort of sadistic, and so are Roman demigods...